About Scomo

Like Liam Neeson, I (The One you call ScoMo) also have a particular set of skills. These were discovered back in the early 80’s when I was a teen.

The “skills” were…. playing albums on my bitchin’ stereo system…eating large bowls of cereal… making idiotic observations about mostly unimportant things and… following a horrifying pesticide accident in a potato field in Houlton, Maine…..the ability to smell terrific smelling craniums. This freakish talent is a curse I must live with, much like Bruce Banner (except without the purple pants).

My hope is that when the Zombie Apocolypse occurs, the walking dead will remember that I like sniffing brains, think I’m simply one of them and shuffle along.

So join me weekday afternoons for an unholy blast of Rock, inane comments about whatever and of course cranium sniffin’ fun with Gee Your Brain Smells Terrific at about 4:20.

I still haven’t figured out how to get paid for eating large bowls of cereal but – like Liam Neeson – I’m not giving up!