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Meet Boomer

Pet of the Week Sponsored by Green Acres Kennel Shop

**Important: If you are interested in meeting with Boomer, an appointment will need to be made prior to coming to the shelter. Please contact Customer Service Manager Kristin at or (207) 942-8902. If she doesn’t respond right away, she will get back to you as soon as possible!**

Meet your new running buddy! This cutie is Boomer, an active puppy in a big-dog body, he’s looking for an owner who can continue providing him with the training and structure he craves. This super smart guy is a ball of energy who loves to go for walks and play fetch. Boomer is incredibly food motivated; working on basic manners and commands when there are pieces of Pupperoni around are a breeze! When Boomer first found his way to BHS he was lost outside, because of this his history is kind of a mystery. Since then though, we have learned so much about this energetic canine, and think we have a solid idea of what his perfect home may be.

Boomer is looking for a home with adults only, so they can handle his large stature coupled with his energetic play style. The excited jumping/mouthing you typically see with a puppy has carried over into Boomer’s young adult years, and because of this he can get quite overstimulated and tends to jump/use his mouth during play. He is working on continuing to improve his manners, and is understanding that when he gets too energetic, humans stop playing back with him. Until he can get the basic manners 100% down (and we have faith that with the perfect match this won’t take too long) we think he would do best as the only animal in the home. When he is around other dogs and cats, his overstimulated behavior is brought out even more, and to set him up for success we want to keep that jumping/mouthing to a minimum. Boomer would benefit tremendously from an owner who is interested in enrolling him in obedience classes. He has already had a behavior consult with dog trainer Jason Howe of Carden Kennels in Bangor, and Jason’s tips and tricks made it so much easier for staff to learn how to communicate with him! The key to Boomer’s new home is structure and routine, he’s a toddler who’s crossing every line to see what he can and can’t get away with. With some great doggy parenting, this energetic and silly young guy will turn into quite the distinguished gentleman.

Are you ready to give Boomer the home of his dreams? Do you have the structure, time, and energy required to welcome this amazing boy into your home? Get a hold of Kristin ASAP!

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