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Homemade Jam: 10.26.17

Dave Isaac showcases the best in Maine-made Rock 'N' Roll.

Homemade Jam w/ Dave Isaac


Homemade Jam airs every Thursday at 11pm. It’s an hour of Local Rock On Your Local Rocker, featuring 100% Mainer Made Rock And Roll.

WKIT Homemade Jam 10/26/17

The Blast Addicts Live in the studio

We heard some great live tunes and spoke with drummer David Thibodeauabout the upcoming new edition of his book Waco: A Survivor’s Story, plus the upcoming Spike TV miniseries based on the book.

We heard:

Everybody Leaves
Fit To Go The Distance
Shame On You
Drink This
Bad Man

Later we heard:

Adonis Rising – Army Of One
Sygnal To Noise – Cliche

Thanks to everyone for coming in!!

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