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About Don Cookson

I grew up in the Bangor area listening to a steady diet of classic rock, first on Z-62, later graduating to sweet sounding FM and WKIT.   I still have fond dreams of the handlebar-mounted bike radio I listened to while tooling around town, and readily admit operating that radio was my first foray into distracted driving; I routinely careened into the path of oncoming traffic while busily attempting to crank it all the way up to 11 despite a volume knob that clearly did NOT go that high. I started freaking myself out with Stephen King books at a very young age, and I credit my first reading of The Shining in 6th grade with my near-insatiable appetite for chewing Exederin.
I love concerts, puppies, craft beer, bikinis and classic rock in equal measure, with a particular fondness for Neil Young, The Who, Pearl Jam, Queens of the Stone Age, and Dire Straits in no particular order. Unfortunately, due to an intervention by the Zone Radio HR department, I can no longer wear those bikinis to work.
Since you’re already glued to the Rock and Roll Morning Show with Bobby and the Shark, do us both a favor and hang out for mid-days from 10 to 2– call me with your requests and let’s see just what sort of trouble I can get into with the authorities.