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WKIT News: Golden says, “Recount delays inevitable outcome.”

PORTLAND, Maine (AP) β€” The Democratic winner in a Maine congressional race says Republican Rep. Bruce Poliquin is within his right to request a recount. But Jared Golden also says that “dragging this process out only hurts the people we were elected to serve.”

Golden issued a statement Monday evening, hours after Poliquin requested a recount.

A spokesman for Poliquin suggested there’s distrust in the “artificial intelligence” used in the ranked-choice computer algorithm. The spokesman says there will be “a traditional ballot recount conducted by real people.”

The recount is expected to take about a month, meaning there will be a race to ensure it’s completed before the new Congress is seated.

Poliquin had the most first-round votes on Election Day, but his lead didn’t hold up after additional tabulations under Maine’s new ranked-choice voting system. Golden emerged victorious after two trailing candidates were eliminated and their supporters’ second choices were reallocated.

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