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Radio Engineer

Job Summary

Responsible for setting up, installing, and monitoring radio equipment . Ensures broadcast signals are maintained at a high quality. Install, maintain, and repair radio broadcast and transmission equipment. Test existing RF systems, check each electrical circuit, repair or replace radio antennas, and otherwise ensure the radio system receives the correct amount of power.  Position may require occasional on-air shifts. This job often involves laying and fixing cables, designing system layouts, and ensuring that active broadcasts comply with all federal, state, and local regulations.
Email Resume and cover letter to:
Deadline for resume – August 7th at Midnight.

Primary responsibilities

  • Set up, operate, and maintain all radio broadcast equipment.
  • Regulate broadcast signals per FCC requirements.
  • Train station personnel on how to properly use equipment.
  • Maintain logs for Federal Communications Commission

Job Requirements

  • Minimum 5 years full-time experience in radio engineering
  • Minimum 5 years full-time On Air radio experience
  • Must have experience with AM directional antenna maintenance.
  • Must have Microsoft MCSE certification.
  • Must have extensive experience with Scott Studios automation system.

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