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Now Playing: Blizten Trapper – Wild and Reckless

Each week, we highlight new additions to the WKIT playlists.

We only have one new addition to the WKIT playlist this week…but, it’s a good one!

This week, we’ve added Wild and Reckless, the titular track from the Portland, Oregon-based experimental country/folk/rock band Blitzen Trapper’s latest album.

The album Wild & Reckless was born from the stage production that the band spent the better part of a year producing. The half musical, half rock-opera dealt with heroin abuse, desperation, true love and western power structures. The story evoked a bygone era of Portland with this sci-fi love story, featuring a rock-and-roll score that paired unreleased songs with favorites from the band’s catalog.

Following the success of the production, the band took 7 original songs from the production and developed the theme further into the 12 songs that comprise the new album Wild & Reckless.

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