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About Jason Roberts

So it’s time to update the website bio, huh? I guess we’re due, since they’ve stayed pretty much the same since 1996 or so, whenever we first had a website. Then again, a lot of things at WKIT have been the same for a long time now! I started “working” at WKIT in 1990, and for most of those years, I’ve been lucky enough to be sandwiched between the best morning show and best afternoon show around. If you ever get offered a gig where you get to play music, chat with folks on the phone, and spend your days around great people, take it! So, I’ve been at WKIT in my teens (19), 20’s, 30’s, and now (gulp) 40’s. I should maybe pick a career at some point here… no, not yet. I’m happy to be here. And happy you’re here! Thanks for listening!

Jason “Rock Dog” Roberts lives is Orrington, Maine with his gorgeous wife, kids and various critters. He occasionally enjoys writing in the third person.