Gee, Your Brain Smells Terrific

A fun trivia game, played each weekday afternoon @ 4:20pm

What is Gee, Your Brain Smells Terrific?

Each weekday afternoon Scotty “Scomo” Moore conjures up a wonderful and challenging trivia question. The question is offered up on air around 4:20pm, listeners then call in their guesses as to what the right answer might be. If a caller gets the correct answer, their “Brain Smells Terrific” and they win a prize!

How Do I Play?

Call 990-3100 if you want to take a guess!

Prize This Week


  • Brain: Subway

    All this week, be the first person to correctly answer Scomo’s daily brain-teasing trivia questions and you could win: A $20 GIFT CARD FROM SUBWAY! For a limited time only at Subway, try their Reuben! Fresh-baked rye bread, tasty corned beef piled high and smothered with melty Swiss cheese, sauerkraut and thousand island dressing! Subway: […]


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