Classic Rock Song of the Day

Announced Each Weekday Morning at 7:20am

What is Classic Rock Song of the Day?


How Do I Play?

Listen for the “Song of the Day” and when you hear it Call 990-3100.

Prize This Week


  • CRSOTD: Pick A Trip! Vacation Getaway

    Tune in at 7:20am to catch the title of the Classic Rock Song of the Day. When the song is played, be Caller #10 and you could have a chance to win… QUALIFYING PRIZE: A WKIT SLING BACKPACK – PERFECT FOR A LIGHT WEIGHT CARRY ON! GRAND PRIZE: A 1 IN 15 CHANCE ON A […]


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  1. I must be the only one that can’t find the song of the day online.I’ve looked and looked and still can’t find it.

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